Internet/Intranet Solutions Offered By Progressive Solutions Incorporated

Progressive Solutions can help your company fully utilize the power of the world wide web, also know as the Internet. You can use this new and quickly changing technology to help your business grow. We can also show you how to use an internal company Intranet to improve productivity in your organization.

There are many uses and applications that can be utilized to make the Internet or an internal company Intranet work for your organization. Here are a few examples:

*    Advertising
*    Promotion and sales
*    Access to product and marketing information
*    Access to manuals and procedures
*    Access to e-mail
*    Posting employment opportunities
*    Accessing databases

These are just some of the possible ways that the Internet, or a company Intranet, can help your organization accomplish its goals. Put the power of these technologies to work for you today. Progressive Solutions offers a host of services that can help your organization get started. These services include:

*    Web site design and development
*    HTML data conversion
*    High speed connectivity to the internet
*    Secure web servers for site hosting
*    Domain name registration
*    Multiple e-mail accounts
*    Consulting services
*    Scanning services

If you think we could help your organization establish a presence on the Internet, or if you would like us to create your company an Intranet, contact us at We will be happy to answer your questions regarding any of our services. Thank you for your visit.

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